Swedish Survival Guild         

Survival education is our specialty. If you want to learn how to survive we can guarantee that you’ll get the best. It’s not some adventure experience that we want to give you. Instead the courses try to show how a real survival situation affects you. Everything is performed during safe conditions and the Association was first to introduce a security instruction for survival. Our purpose is to increase your outdoor life security and to make you well prepared. 

Main base and elementary education

At Ålsta folkhögskola in Fränsta, Medelpad, we have our main base with material and areas for practise. Here we carry through our elementary education and other courses in magnificent surroundings. The Survival Guild offers education for everyone The course will give you sound knowledge in survival and outdoor life security; mental and physical reactions, emergency signals, the resources of our society, to find/purify water, plants to use as food and medicine, choice of firewood, methods of making fire, shelters, to evaluate equipment, emergency equipment, fishing/hunting with simple methods, etc. 

Additional education

After the elementary education you can choose from several different additional courses. The courses take place in different places in Swedenand they vary from 3to 7 days. There are also varieties of these courses for those who haven’t participated in the elementary course. 

Hardshipscourses summer & winter

 The ””hardshipscourses”” will give you the possibility to test your limits at very realistic survival conditions. Long transportation, several days without sleep and very scarce equipment. We’ll take physiological tests and play a scenario to make the courses realistic. There are many surprises! The courses last at least a week and take place both summer and winter. Previous knowledge is called for! 

The instructors

The instructors are the essence of the Swedish Survival Guild. They form a group with most qualified knowledge, also with an international perspective. Most of them are also specialists in different fields, such as botany, archeology, hunting/fishing, equipment, etc. The instructors are appointed after a specially qualified system and are authorized after certain tests. Our width and network make it possible for us to organize survival courses and lectures for all kinds of emergency situations and needs.

The Swedish Survival Guild was founded at the beginning of the 80’s as a result of the survival research that was lead by the Swedish Army. The Association is the oldest Swedish organization for survival and outdoor life security. It’s an unpolitical, independent and idealistic organization with the purpose to utilize and spread a qualified survival knowledge grounded on scientific research and documentation, with emphasis on the knowledge of the primitive peoples. We work together with other serious organizations all over the world that work with survival.We make visits to other countries and take part in courses there. The Survival Guild is an organization for people interested in survival and for experts! Our operation works exclusively with education and information.